Ableton Live API – How to copy and paste clips

Since the Ableton Live 9.6.2 update, it is posible to copy and paste clips with the Ableton Live API.

Here´s how to do it with to use it with your Python scripts:


from pushbase import special_session_component

def copyclip(self, source_track, source_scene, destination_track, destination_scene):

function = special_session_component.ClipSlotCopyHandler()


And if you also want to embeed in a function the traditional (and limited) way to duplicate the selected clip to the next scene, you can do it with this function:


def duplclip(self):

trk =
trk_id = list(
clp_id = list([trk_id].duplicate_clip_slot(clp_id)


And that´s all. I´m working on an improved new version of Akamed Looping script, and I will upload it as soon as it is finished.


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